№3 (54), 2020

K.A. Simanzhenkov, A.V. Petrov, D.E. Iskra

Modeling and optimization of organizational management structures and production processes of an industrial enterprise during the transition to mass production

The article discusses and evaluates modeling methods of organizational management structures (OSU) of enterprises. The aim of the work is the optimization process of building the organizational structure of enterprise management in the plane of the formation of new production changes. To achieve this goal it is necessary to perform the following tasks: to form a clear understanding of the organizational structure of the enterprise; identify positive and negative factors affecting the formation of the organizational structure; organizational structure optimization. In the process of accomplishing the tasks set, the mathematical method of substantiating optimization processes was used. Analyzing the results obtained, it can be argued that the optimization of the OSU for the enterprise by determining the optimal number ofpersonnel by distributing tasks among the executors ofthe production process is economically justified.


Keywords: organizational structure, enterprise management, organizational structure of management.

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