Skryabin V. А., Skhirtladze A. G., Zotov E. V.

Особенности обработки деталей из жаропрочных литейных сплавов незакрепленным мелкодисперсным шлифовальным материаломFeatures of machining parts from heat resisting cast alloys with unattached fine polishing material

To the article the analysis of character of influence is driven abrasive on the processed surface of detail chart and chart of setting for treatment of details from hard(processing materials. The calculation of pressure of abrasive grains is conducted on the processed surface of detail, allowing to forecast the set size of roughness of surface of detail. The estimation of instantaneous pin temperature is given in the zone of treatment. It is shown that the superficial layer of material as a result of process of microtune gets the dislocation work-hardening at that a microcracking is possible.

Keywords: abrasive grain, hard-processing materials, contact temperature, hardening, dislocation..

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