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A.M. Dmitriev, F.V. Grechnikov, N.V. Korobova, A.Yu. Aksenenko

Creation of the rational preferential grain orientation in the powder billets, formed with the shifts in molded layers

The mathematical model describing the orientation of the grains in the high density powder blanks is created by the method of multivariate experiment. It is shown that the orientation of the grain affects the quality of parts manufactured by cold expression of the powder billets after sintering. The billets were formed in two schemes for shifting of the powder particles when magnetic pulse treatment on the powder and formed piece takes action. When the choosing of the best of these forming schemes appropriate the orientation of the grains, it is achieved by a magnetic pulse treatment.


Keywords: blank high density powder, iron powder, forming particles with shifts, the orientation of the grains in the molded blanks, choosing of the best of the forming schemes, correcting the orientation of the grains..

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