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A.S. Vereschaka, S.N. Grigoriev, A.A. Vereschaka, D.N. Lytkin, G.Ju. Savushkin, A.S. Sivenkov

Increasing the efficiency of edge tools directed modification of the properties of their working surfaces at deposition of nanostructured multilayer composite coatings

The physic-mechanical, thermal-crystal properties of the tool material have a significant impact on the performance of edge tools and quality-precision performance of machined surfaces. Directed modification of surface properties of tool materials by applying nanostructured multilayer composite coatings (NMCC) allows not only to control the contact processes, thermo-mechanical stresses and tool wear during cutting, but also to improve quality precision machined parts. For the formation of modifying NMKP on substrates of different tool materials used universal processes the filtered cathodic vacuum arc deposition (FCVAD). 


Keywords: modification of the properties, nanostructured coatings, efficiency of tool..

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